You’ve wanted to grow your hair long since you were little, but you’ve always felt like an outcast because of it. Nobody understands how important your long hair is to you, including other men with long hair, and you’ve constantly searched for a community of men who feel the same way as you. But… there isn’t anyone like you, right? Maybe you are just a freak…

Hold it right there, man, because I am here to tell you that you’re wrong.

I myself am such a man, and there are countless others like yourself who feel the same way. I grew tired of seeing zero representation or discussions regarding men like me, so I decided to create a haven for men like me who will never cut their hair short again. I hope this place remains an oasis for every internal longhair who has ever been ostracized and shunned for their identity. Welcome home, my friend!

The Internal Longhair will feature interviews with other internal longhairs, hair product reviews, my own personal journey to longhairdom, links to external resources, and information on what being an internal longhair is really like. I have also created a subreddit called r/InternalLonghairs, which will act as a place for internal longhairs to discuss their experiences, as questions, and meet fellow internal longhairs! I cannot wait to meet you there!